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Top 5 Child Custody Mistakes You Should Avoid

Child custody disputes are inherently stressful. Unfortunately, due to the emotionally charged nature of these cases, it is not uncommon for parents to make costly mistakes. However, most of them are quite preventable. To avoid harming your chances of obtaining the custody arrangement you desire, take a moment to familiarize yourself with some of the most common errors.

Preventable Child Custody Mistakes

For parents, nothing is more important than their children. That said, you should never let your feelings sit in the driver’s seat during a child custody dispute. Doing so can be extremely detrimental to your case. Instead, you must keep a level head and heed the advice of your child custody attorney. Although acting on impulse might offer some relief at the moment, it can ultimately derail your case or make you appear unstable.

Here are the top 5 child custody mistakes you should avoid:

  1. Speaking negatively about your spouse: The situation between you and your spouse is undoubtedly tense and hostile, but you should still watch what you say, especially in front of your children. The things you say about your spouse might come back to haunt you in court and a judge might perceive this as the sign of a bad temper or uncooperative nature.
  1. Using your children as messengers: Although you want to deal with your spouse as little as possible, you should still deliver your own messages instead of putting your children in an uncomfortable situation. A judge will not look favorably upon a parent who puts their children in the middle of a fight. Even if the message seems relatively innocuous to you, the act of using your children as a go-between is still damaging to their general well-being.
  1. Refusing to cooperate: No one expects you to readily agree to everything in the midst of a child custody dispute, but you should be willing to compromise and cooperate. If a judge believes you are being unreasonable or purposefully obstinate, it will harm your chances of obtaining child custody.
  1. Not being involved enough: If you want custody of your children, you cannot be a flakey co-parent. Make sure you pick them up and drop them off on time, attend their afterschool activities, help them with their homework, and show an interest in being part of their lives. It probably sounds like common sense, but with so much happening in your life, it is easy to let some things fall by the wayside.
  1. Remaining active on social media: Continuing to use social media is a major gamble for anyone going through a divorce. Your posts might seem harmless to you, but keep in mind that anything can be damaging when taken out of context. If you show bad judgment on social media, a judge might factor into the child custody order.

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