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If you are going through the divorce process and share children with your spouse, then the judge will order one of you to pay child support. Generally, the noncustodial parent must make these payments since the custodial parent pays for most of the children’s needs, given the amount of time they spend together.

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How Is Child Support Calculated in Maryland?

In Maryland, parents are responsible for the welfare, support, education, and care of their children until they graduate high school or reach the age of majority. When determining child support payments, a judge will determine if the paying parent is voluntarily impoverished.

When determining if the paying parent is voluntarily impoverished, a judge will examine the following factors:

  • The relationship between the children’s parents
  • The parent’s educational background
  • The current state of the job market
  • The parent’s employment history
  • The parent’s efforts to find and retain employment
  • The overall mental and physical condition of the parent
  • The parent’s actual income from all sources
  • Any other pertinent factors related to that parent’s ability to pay child support

If the paying parent tries to avoid paying child support by voluntarily quitting a job or accepting lower pay for lesser responsibilities, the court can still treat that parent as having income, which is also known as imputed income.

Maryland’s Child Support Guidelines

Maryland has strict Child Support Guidelines for calculating the amount the noncustodial parent must pay.

Below is a list of those guidelines:

  • Each parent’s actual income
  • Each parent’s imputed income or adjusted actual income
  • The sum of both parent’s imputed incomes or the sum of their adjusted actual incomes
  • Expenses, such as health insurance, extraordinary medical expenses, and daycare costs

The noncustodial parent is responsible for paying a percentage of the total calculated child support obligation.

Generally, the court will not set child support at a lower amount than the Child Support Guidelines, unless the paying parent can prove why the order would be unjust and not within the best interests of your children.

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