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Every day, people throughout Maryland are affected by domestic violence that threatens their safety puts them in serious danger. One way to protect yourself from the threat of domestic abuse is by requesting and obtaining a restraining order in Maryland.

If you need help obtaining a protective order on Kent Island, we urge you to contact our team at Matthew Penick Law. Our domestic violence lawyer in Queen Anne’s County is well-versed in helping people find legal protection from domestic violence. We can also represent you if you have been accused of domestic violence or if someone has filed a protective order against you.

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What Is Domestic Violence in Maryland?

Maryland law defines domestic violence as abuse or the threat of abuse committed against a family or household member.

Domestic violence can include:

  • Any act that results in serious bodily harm
  • Any act that causes the victim to fear imminent bodily harm
  • Assault
  • Any sexual offense, such as attempted rape or sexual assault
  • Stalking
  • False imprisonment (holding someone against his or her will)

How to Seek a Protective Order

The victims of domestic violence can request a protective order from the court. A temporary protective order may be ordered to prevent the abuser from approaching or contacting you or your children. It may also order the abuser to vacate your home or revoke their custody of any children you have together. This temporary order will remain in place until a hearing regarding a final protective order can be held.

What is a Peace Order?

Peace orders are similar to protective orders but involve individuals who do not live in the same household, do not have an intimate relationship, or who are not the parents of a child in common. These orders protect victims from violence in the same way as protective orders.

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At Matthew Penick Law, we recognize that sometimes, restraining orders in Maryland are requested illegitimately. We have seen many people wrongfully accused of violence by vengeful spouses during heated divorces and custody disputes. If you believe a Maryland restraining order has been unnecessarily filed against you, our family lawyers can represent you in the hearing to protect your rights.

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