Why You Should Take a Social Media Break During Your Divorce

Many of us check our social media feed several times a day and rely heavily on various platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to maintain bonds and connections with family and friends. If you continue to engage in social media throughout the divorce process, however, you may end up causing problems for your case, negatively impacting the outcome of your settlement.

Understanding the Risks

Although social media probably seems relatively harmless to most of us, the fact is that anything you post can potentially come back to haunt you in court. If you post something contradictory to what you say in court, share a picture that can easily get taken out of context, or share a meme with a negative view of marriage, these can all affect your case. Chances are, nothing you post online is worth what is at stake in your divorce, so it is best to be cautious and take a break from social media.

Below are some of the risks of using social media during your divorce:

  1. You cannot trust everyone who follows your account: You and your spouse undoubtedly have many mutual friends and they may not all be loyal to you. If you make a post about your divorce or about something that may be relevant to your spouse, one of your mutual friends might relay the information, effectually harming your case.
  1. The urge to overshare: Social media provides a platform that encourages users to overshare the details of their lives. While it might be fine to vent about impersonal topics like traffic or the weather, venting about your divorce or your spouse can cause some problems, especially if you have children. A judge might think you are uncooperative or unsupportive of your spouse’s relationship with the children, which can affect your custody arrangement.
  1. You might inadvertently share your spending habits: Almost no one shares what they make or spend online, but even without explicitly stating this information, one can gather a substantial amount of information from a person’s social media posts. If you use the check-in feature to show where you are having dinner or post a picture of yourself wearing a discernably expensive pair of shoes, these can all say a lot about your financial health and spending habits.

If you continue to use social media during your divorce, try to exercise as much caution as possible. If you have any doubts about a post, err on the side of caution and do not share it.

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