changing name after divorce

Changing Your Name After a Divorce

How To Change Your Name in Maryland 

In Maryland, you can change your name while going through the divorce process by requesting it in your pleadings and during the divorce hearing. Once the judgment of absolute divorce is issued, you can make a copy of it and use it to change your name on all official documents and records, social as your social security card, driver’s license, credit card, bank accounts, and passport.

You have a period of time after the divorce to request that your name be changed without going through a separate name change process. However, if you miss that window of opportunity, you will then have to file a new case and go through a laborious process.

If you choose to change your name after your divorce, you will have to file a petition in your local court and submit a form that includes the following:

  • Your name, past name history, and address
  • The name you desire
  • Your reason for the name change
  • Certify that you are not changing your name for a fraudulent or illegal purpose
  • A copy of your birth certificate, along with the attached petition

After you file the petition for your name change, you will receive an issue of notice from the clerk of the court. The notice will include the latest date by which anyone may object to the change of name, which you will have to publish in a local newspaper. Publication is a necessary part of this process to prevent individuals from fraudulently changing their name.

Depending on the situation, a Judge may or may not require a hearing. After the court rules on the petition and issues an order, your name will officially be changed and you will need to take steps to change all of your legal documents.

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