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Who Gets to Keep the Dog in a Divorce?

Most people do not think of their pets as property. After all, these furry companions are often treated as members of the family and the emotional attachment we feel towards them is as powerful as anything one might feel towards a person in some cases. If you are divorcing your spouse, the thought of losing your dog may be unfathomable.

Although more and more courts are beginning to acknowledge that the relationship people have with their pets is different from the relationship they have with other forms of property, Maryland still considers pets property.

Pets and Divorce

If you and your spouse agree to share custody of the dog, this will substantially simplify matters. Unfortunately, if you cannot agree, the situation can become a lot more complicated.

Thankfully, there is some documentation you can provide that will help prove you are the owner of the dog:

  • Proof of adoption or ownership that shows you are the dog’s registered owner
  • Pet store receipts that prove you were the one who paid for the dog’s food and other needs
  • Photos of you and the dog together
  • Veterinarian receipts that prove you were the one who primarily cared for the dog
  • Evidence that may show you were the one who took your dog to puppy play dates or training classes
  • Evidence that you can continue to provide a good home for the dog even after the divorce
  • If you have kids and they have an attachment to the dog, where they primarily live may also influence where the dog lives
  • Evidence that your work schedule will give you enough time to properly care for the dog

The power evidence you can provide that proves you should retain ownership of the dog, the more likely it is you will be able to keep your pet during the divorce process.

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